50 Cent USA DIDs, Half Price Incoming Channels

We are running another promotion for all new accounts, details can be found on our pricing page:

pbxHQ Pricing

In short, it is our Pay As You Go pricing with a few exceptions:

$0.50 USA DIDs!
Half Price incoming channels ($7.50 each)
20% off Two way channels ($20 instead of $25)

As there are no “giveaways” involved in this promotion, there will be no minimum usage terms as there were with the previous promotion.

All accounts that sign up on this plan will have this pricing honored for the lifetime of their account, unless they choose to switch plans

This is a great promotion, but you did not mention if the prices were for life, for 6 months, or just the first month. You might want to specify a limit

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Thanks for pointing that out, let me update the post

:+1: trying to help out where I can

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