Adding outside numbers to the PBX

Is this a possible feature or upcoming feature? Too add/use outside lines with the PBX? So one would no longer need an use a separate PBX box for numbers with other providers?

We will provide number porting in the future. It is just not offered currently as we are keeping the support requests minimal while we finish polishing the solution.

The whole reason we are pricing ourselves so much lower than the competition, is we are generating almost all revenue from usage. To allow an external DID from another provider would get around having to use our DIDs, and would not allow the business model to work.

Our call rates are anywhere from around 40%-70% cheaper than what our competitors charge, so we don’t think that will be an issue for our users.

Edit: I know this isn’t the greatest option, but a temporary solution would be to forward your existing DIDs to a DID you acquire through us. Considering getting 5 DIDs for free through our promotion, at least there is no monthly cost on the DID within our system. Then once we are able to facilitate porting in the near future, you can opt to just port existing numbers in.

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Understandable Thank you!

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