Looking for feedback on signup process

While we need to keep the signup process as automated as possible, and vigorously combat fake/fraudulent accounts, we know it can be improved quite a bit to give a better user experience.

Please let us know what works well, what doesn’t work well, and everything in between here.

No suggestions are off limits, please let us know how we can improve the experience!

One improvement I can offer is that when you go thru the registration process it does not progress thru the steps automatically. I think it would be a big improvement if it progressed thru the steps automatically as each step is completed.

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Thanks for the feedback!

To be honest, the whole onboard process seemed like a better idea before it was built. A few technical challenges during development (and being in a rush to have a working version) caused it to be in the state that it is in.

So you think being moved through the steps would improve the experience? Maybe numbering them? Or perhaps even having a sidebar that indicated progress would help.

Might just scrap the whole thing and make all parts of onboarding just separate basic forms.


I didn’t think it needed to be completely scrapped. You mentioned a sidebar to indicate progress, which would probably help. I just remember confusion and cycling thru the verification step a few times because I did not know that the verification step had succeeded and that I needed to manually go to the next step and enter credit card info. I think that once each step is successfully completed, it should automatically progress to the next step or at least prompt to move on to the next step


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Agree with your points here.

Hope to have it all cleaned up by the end of the day.

I am going to start another feedback thread, it appears that having a few guides in place would help new users greatly. Topics like “Getting started”, or “How to setup your first user”, “How to connect your first SIP device” I feel would really help our new users.

This is a weekend, and you deserve to have some chill time. I understand about wanting it done, but you don’t need to do it all in one day. I do agree that having guides for new users will be most helpful. I think you will find the majority of those currently registered here are familiar with setting up a pbx so the guides might not be used right away, but I’m certain that they will be useful as you get more new users. I’ll be happy to review the guides and provide feedback if you would like. Don’t get burnt out in the first week trying to get it all done.

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This has been a work in progress for quite a while, behind the scenes. Now with real data to make decisions with, it would be a poor time to let off the gas!

I appreciate the concern, but nothing I would rather be doing to be honest :+1:t2:

A LOT of issues were discovered with the onboard process and they should be all corrected now. The forms themselves haven’t been updated, but the backend logic has been corrected.

Problems fixed:

  • Forms not rendering correctly
  • Changing your address (to allow zipcode/postal code to match) was not updating address at our merchant. Anyone who had put an incorrect zip or postal code would have been impossible to input a credit card until this fix
  • Numerous other minor fixes

The forms will be more user friendly within the next day, with better messages as to errors in input, and status of the verification process.

I just tried to sign up for the promo deal, but it will not accept my card.

Can you please start a ticket over at https://help.pbxhq.com? I will check your account and see what went wrong

Ok I found the problem. It seems something that was changed yesterday is preventing some addresses from being saved to our database, which causes credit card verification to fail every time. In the tests I did, it always saved, but something must be wrong because the last 3 users do not have addresses saved.

Found and fixed the issue. Not sure what exactly was changed yesterday that would have caused that, but it won’t be a problem anymore.

Please go through the account profile section again and kindly re-enter your address. Credit card will save now as long as postal code /zipcode matches that address you enter.

Side note to anyone looking at this in the future, you can easily know if your address was saved if you see this message in the signup status page:

Re-entered address, and got the same fail. Went and checked address field and it was blank.
Let me try it from Chrome. I’m using Safari and since the update, I have noticed some issues on some sites.

I saw in our logs an attempt to save the password, but our backend API gave a 404 error, which I believe only happens if the data doesn’t pass validation. In other words, the form data wasn’t sent properly to the backend. I’ve been doing all of my testing in Chrome and I cannot reproduce the issue.

It worked with Chrome. Based on my experiences with Safari since using the 14 beta, its a Safari issue. Seems not have gone away with the release.

Thanks for the insight. I am going to do some research on all popular browsers as it was an oversight to only test using Chrome. I’ll make sure the process is working on all major browsers moving forward.

I see what you mean about having real data and that it is a poor time to let off the gas. I hope you can get safari fixed quickly

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I haven’t tested Safari yet, but I believe a lot of the issues were due to poor decisions on data validation on our backend. These have all been corrected, and data validation is the same on front-end forms as it is in the backend now.

I got reports of Edge and Firefox not working, but they all worked perfectly for me everytime I tried, so I don’t believe it was related to browser, I think it was our validation issues.

I can’t speak about Safari though as I haven’t tried it. We aren’t using any crazy new web techniques though, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in every browser. I’ve had multiple users signup on mobile as well without issue.

Hopefully that has it resolved. Is there any way you can write some short code to check what browser a person is using when they validate. Then you can look if anyone using safari has successfully completed it?