Music on Hold? and or Call queue?

How does one go about doing this? Looking for Music on Hold and having something like a Call queue that replaces the ring on the initial call with message/music instead of a ring.


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Hi thanks for your question.

Music on hold can be configured on an account-wide basis as well as can be configured more fine-grain like for specific groups of users, or individual users. Let me show you some screenshots of how to do this.

Hold Music for the account is found in the top blue bar of the dashboard. Whatever you configure here will be used account-wide.

To configure a specific user to have certain hold music, you can do that within the user features section:

In terms of your second question, to replace ringing within some message or other media, there are a few ways to do this. The easiest way, while still using SmartPBX, would be through groups. A group can call a single user, or many, but it provides some additional flexibility that may make it worth using even to call a single user.

Let’s take a look:

Above you can see I have a group configured called Sales. As a side note, I have an option in my Main Number setup that will ring this group if someone presses 1 in the menu. Here you can configure a few useful options, including Ringback media as you asked. Also, you can prepend call display, so you know that the call is specific to that group when your phone rings.

I also have a “Next Action” specified which goes to a specific Sales voicemail. Next action could be anything though, like a secondary group, sales manager cell-phone, or any other action.

I hope this answers your question, if you need further explanation please let me know.


very good explanation. I think others will find it to be useful also

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