pbxHQ Blog is Live!

Our pbxHQ blog is live, and I started it off with a lengthy post about how our first week of launch is going plus plans for the future! Check it out:

It was nice to see you have the blog going. I read it the other night and didn’t leave any feedback. So I started to leave some feedback last night and got sidetracked. From my side of the fence, I did not see all the issues you had to deal with. Fortunately, I was one of the members that did not have any problems with the back end. Still I think the soft opening went rather well especially when some of us pressured you into rushing to get things going in a very short time. I have already noticed improvements made, guides / tutorials written and features added. Excellent job pbxHQ.

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You are too kind @MasterHawk

The pressure was mostly put on by myself and from vendors indirectly. I had told multiple vendors we were launching September 1st and it was delayed till over 2 weeks into September, so while not being pressured by vendors, I wanted to keep launch as close to Sep 1st as possible.

I’ll keep posting updates at the blog in terms of pbxHQ development and other relevant information. I think the next topic I might do will be about BLF functionality on hardware desk phones.

Its a really neat feature that most deskphones support, our platform supports, and a lot would probably have issues setting it up without detailed information about what it can do, and how to configure it.

For example on my Yealink T42G, which has 6 adjustable “Line keys”, instead of using 6 SIP accounts, I have the following setup:

Left side I have all 3 keys dedicated to my main pbxHQ extension. It allows for handling multiple calls at once easier.

Right side I have BLF enabled speed dials to other extensions for the first two. They are green when the other extensions are free, flash red when other extensions are ringing, and solid red when they are busy/on the phone. Also it allows for directed pickup, so I can grab calls on those extensions if I know they aren’t available to take the call.

Third key on the right I setup a BLF enabled Parking lot key. It is green when no one is parked, and red when a call is in the parking lot. Also, it allows for 1 press to park a call there, and also 1 press to retrieve a parked call.

Depending on the businesses needs, it may make sense to have numerous parking lot keys setup rather than the setup I am using.

All the functionality I just described is quite basic to setup, but the BLF lights indicating the status of all of those options is a real polished touch :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

Edit: And our debugging app which gives information on Presence is also a great way to see and troubleshoot any BLF related issues, or just to check status on presence subscriptions (what BLF enabled devices are listening for what events) across a company.

Edit 2: I can just copy this post and I have half of my blog already done! :grin:

Great, that’s the way to do it. Work smarter not harder. Remember the the first half is the easy half. The last last half you have to explain how you did all that so the new users can understand how to do it. :laughing:

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Latest blog post is out!

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That will be nice to start adding some of the global phone numbers in earlier than forecasted. Busy, busy, busy… Keep up the good work, it’s improving daily.

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It has been 2 weeks since the last blog post was entered. Shouldn’t we at least post that 911 is up and working?

Not sure that is a blog worthy topic, it is somewhat expected for E911 to be up and running. Its just because of our early access launch it wasn’t ready immediately.

I do have some exciting news though, I’ll write up about it in the next few days!

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I totally agree it really was not a worthy post, but I think we should keep the blog more active. I am looking forward to your exciting news. :+1:

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Agreed! Soon we will have categories within the blog so more generic VoIP news can be discussed, and our pbxHQ specifics will be in their own category